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750cc Salad Bowl with 1oz Pot in Lid

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This 750cc clear hinged lid salad bowl which has a 1oz clear pot which clips inside the lid, is a new addition to our range of salad bowls.

The 750cc salad bowl (which is 100% recyclable) features a clip close lid to keep the contents fresh. The bowls are also stackable.

The size of this salad bowl is:-
140mm x 140mm (at the top of the base of the bowl) sloping down to 80mm x 80mm (at the bottom of the base of the bowl) appprox.
The small one ounce pot is 35mm diameter x 30mm high 

The one ounce pot has it's own tight fitting hinged lid to keep the contents safe. The pot then clips firmly into the inside of the salad bowl lid to keep it secure.

This salad bowl and pot can be used for a wide variety of foods.
It could be used for a traditional salad,  lettuce, tomatoes etc. with a salad dressing in the pot, or a fruit salad with some syrup in the pot to drizzle over the fruit.
Another example is a pasta salad with a creamy parmesan dressing in the pot . . . the possibilities are endless !