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Cake Slice Boxes (sold in a pack of 10)
A pack of 10 clear hinged lid cake wedge boxes, each one to hold one slice of cake

Size:  The Base is 110mm long x 85mm wide.  The Height is 55mm at the tallest end, tapering to 20mm at the narrowest end (approx.) 

This clear plastic cake slice box is a perfect way to present a slice of your favorite cake.

The hinged lid closes to form a tight seal to help protect your cake slice whilst also helping to keep it fresh.

(cake not included!)
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CUPCAKE BOX COMPLETE WITH CLEAR LIDA cupcake or muffin box  (approx. 90mm x 90mm) with a clear separate lid (80mm high approx)

These cupcake boxes have a round recess (75mm approx.) in the black base which helps keep the cupcake or muffin from moving around.